Staying safe on this website

Quick Exit

At the top of each page there's a button that says, ‘Safe Quick Exit’.

Click this button if you need to leave the website quickly. It will take you to a neutral web page.

This doesn’t remove evidence that you’ve visited this website. To do that, you must clear your browser and internet history.

Clear your browser and internet history

If you want to keep your browsing private, you can clear your history. This means no-one can see what you have been looking at on this device.

If you have another device synced to this one, your history may still be available. You may want to turn off syncing.

If you have spyware on your device, your history may still be available. You may want to use another device at a public library or community centre, or borrow a device from someone you trust.

Clear your browser and internet history

Private browsing

Many browsers offer private browsing. This generally stops other people from seeing your browsing history, but this may not work if your device is synced or is using spyware.

Browse in private with Chrome

Browse in private with Firefox

Browse in private with Internet Explorer

Browse in private with Microsoft Edge

Browse in private with Safari

Talk to someone now

Use the chat function on this page or choose one of these free numbers to talk to someone now.

Online safety general information

Use your device safely with information from the eSafety Commissioner.

Tips about online safety, including browser history and safe technology, are displayed at Family Violence Law Help.

Last updated: 14 Jun 2022