Adults Supporting Kids

Do you have a baby on the way?

You and your baby have the right to be safe and supported during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a time of massive change, especially for mums, and you probably have lots of questions. ASK is a safe place where you can get answers.

To give your baby a healthy start, it’s important to look after yourself physically, mentally and emotionally, by:

  • eating healthy food
  • avoiding alcohol and smoking
  • going to your pregnancy appointments and check-ups
  • having someone to talk to.

Sometimes difficult situations can make it harder to stay healthy when you’re pregnant — feeling alone, using drugs and alcohol, fighting with your partner or family, or being homeless.

You are not alone, and support is available to help you make positive changes for you and your baby.

It’s ok to ASK for help. ASK is a safe place.

Whether you’re a first-time mum, or dad, a co-parent, caregiver, or you’re welcoming another child into your family, people and services are ready to support you.

Information for you

Information about your choices, what happens during pregnancy and childbirth, and who to contact if you want support.

COPE aims to help you:

  • reduce any emotional and mental health problems before your baby’s birth
  • understand and nurture your emotional wellbeing and mental health after baby arrives
  • address the emotional challenges of becoming a parent.

Phone 1300 740 398

The Families Growing Together program offers parents and carers a range of face-to-face workshops and online webinars to suit their parenting needs.

For Aboriginal families and communities, a co-design process is used to tailor the workshops.

  • My Child and Me – a two-part workshop for parents of children aged 2–12 years
  • Living with Young People – a two-part workshop for parents of children aged 12–18 years
  • Growing and learning in the family — a two-part workshop to support parents to connect with their child through play
  • Coping Skills – a two-part workshop exploring stress and resilience

Delivered in a relaxed and informal style, these workshops and webinars offer parents helpful information and a choice of simple, practical strategies based on the latest parenting research and using information from Parenting SA.

Workshops and webinars are all live and free and are designed to be interactive with videos, activities and time for parents to discuss information together in small groups or through the chat function.

Families Growing Together

Parenting SA provides the community with free quality information on raising children.

Parenting Easy Guides

Parent Easy Guides on a wide range of parenting topics from birth to 18 years including some specially designed for Aboriginal and migrant families.

Raising Children Network provides ad-free parenting videos, articles and apps backed by Australian experts

Free, reliable, up-to-date and independent information to help you and your family grow and thrive together, including:

Multiple Birth South Australia is a welcoming, inclusive community that understands the unique challenges experienced by multiple birth families.

They provide practical support, including a Home Help Service, free feeding pillow hire, webinars, events and a network of connections.

PANDA provides support and information to women and families affected by depression before or after the birth of a baby.

Phone 1300 726 306

Services for you

Giving birth in a public hospital

If you are planning to use a public hospital, and you are ready to talk about how you want to give birth, and your ongoing care, you need to make an antenatal (pre-birth) appointment. This is done through the Pregnancy SA Information Line.

Phone 1300 368 820 (Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm)

SA Health operates seven public maternity hospitals. Your call will be transferred to the hospital closest to where you live.

Other options

If public hospital does not suit you, you can discuss your options with your GP or health care provider.

Nunkuwarrin Yunti delivers culturally based health, social and emotional wellbeing services to build a healthy Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. It provides practical support in areas like health, dental, care of children, managing bills, housing and other matters.

There are offices at Elizabeth Downs and Wakefield Street in Adelaide.

Phone 8406 1600

Providing individual and group support before, during and after pregnancy and while you’re parenting. MY Health also has nurses, midwives, doctors and counsellors. MY Health is free and confidential for young people aged 12 to 25 years.

Angle Park office, phone 8243 5637
Christies Beach office, phone 8326 6053
Elizabeth office, phone 8255 3477
Talking Realities Young Parenting Program, phone 8243 5637

Metropolitan Youth Health and the Talking Realities Program

Child and Family Health Service (CaFHS) supports all SA families with babies and kids 0 to 5 years. They have a focus on 0 to 3 years and can help you with:

  • babies' feeding and settling
  • milestones and development checks
  • information and suggestions for parents and caregivers.

CaFHS provides a free home visit/consultation to all families with newborns, generally within a month of the baby coming home from hospital.

Parent Helpline

CaFHS Parent Helpline is for parents and carers of children from 0 to 5 years who need some advice over the phone.

Phone 1300 364 100

CaFHS Early Parenting Groups

Phone 1300 733 606

Early Parenting Groups in your area

Early Parenting Groups are available in your local area.

Centacare Pregnancy Support

Phone 8215 6700 (9.00 am to 9.00 pm)

The following services all accept self-referral:

Coolock House (Morphett Vale)
For young women up to 25 years, from southern suburbs and wider metropolitan Adelaide.
Phone 8412 9560

Findon Family Housing (western suburbs)
For young families up to 25 years who are pregnant or parenting, and homeless or at-risk of homelessness.
Phone 0438 870 049

Hannah Place (Pooraka)
For young women up to 18 years.
Phone 8303 6670

Louise Place (Fullarton)
Supported accommodation for young women 18 years and under (or 25 years and under if you are in your own place).
Phone 8412 9530

Malvern Place (Northern Suburbs)
For young women up 25 years and at risk of homelessness. Northern suburbs and wider metropolitan Adelaide.
Phone 8359 1022

Dad Business
Inclusive activities at Elizabeth Rise Shopping Centre for dads in the Playford area with children aged under 12.
Phone 8252 2311.

Anglicare SA Children and Families Services supports people from before birth to infancy, toddlers, school-age children, teenagers, young adults, and mums and dads to have strong relationships.

These centres offer a range of services bringing together education, health, community development activities and services for families.

Services may include:

  • preschools
  • long day care
  • occasional care
  • playgroup
  • programs to support families with children from birth to school age.

SA Children’s Centres

Someone to talk to

Pregnancy, Birth and Baby supports parents and caregivers on the journey from pregnancy to preschool. You can chat with a maternal child health nurse for suggestions and guidance with pregnancy, birth, being a parent and raising a child.

Pregnancy, birth and baby

Phone 1800 882 436 (7:30 am to 12:30 midnight)

Cultural differences when raising children

Our cultural background is an important part of who we are, and how we raise our kids. For some families, different cultural backgrounds can lead to different opinions.

Cultural differences when raising children

Phone 1800 882 436 (7:30 am to 12:30 midnight)

Pregnancy loss

Pregnancy loss can happen very quickly, and it can take time to make sense of what is happening. You will likely experience many different emotions, and there are people to support you through this time.

Experiencing a pregnancy loss

Phone 1800 882 436 (7:30 am to 12:30 midnight)

Parent Helpline South Australia is for parents of children 0 to 5 living in South Australia.

Phone 1300 364 100 (24-hour service)

Mensline provides telephone, online and video chat and support from professional staff. Website forums with specific spaces for:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • Vietnamese and Arabic men
  • rural men
  • partners/children.

Phone 1300 78 99 78 (24-hour service)

Being a Young Father

Lifeline provides counselling for lots of different issues and referrals to services in your local community. Mobile phone calls are free. Online chat is available.

Phone 13 11 14 (24-hour service)

Text Lifeline (12 noon to 12 midnight)

Lifeline Online Chat (7.00 pm to 12 midnight)

If life is in danger, phone 000 (triple zero)

Search for help and support near you

Last updated: 11 Nov 2022