About us

What is ASK?

Adults Supporting Kids (ASK) is a safe place to find trusted information and free local services to help you and your family stay safe and healthy.

Every parent and caregiver needs help at some point in their kids’ life.

Sometimes families have problems that are too hard to deal with on your own. Conflict with your partner or family, drug and alcohol use, changes in your kids’ behaviour, mental or physical illness - all put pressure on families.

But you don’t have to go it alone.

Getting information and support early can help you fix problems before they become more serious.

ASK can help you find support.

So, ASK early and ASK often. You and your family are important and deserve to be safe and well.

Who is ASK for?

ASK is for adults concerned about the safety and wellbeing of themselves or a child they know.

ASK is for adults worried about their thoughts and behaviour.

ASK is for adults of any culture, identity, gender, sexuality or ability.

ASK welcomes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and recognises that you and your family are working hard to look after your children and may need extra support and guidance along the way.

ASK also welcomes migrants, refugees and adults of any culture seeking information and support to keep their kids and families safe and well.

What can ASK do for me?

ASK can help you find information and link you to local services, if you:

  • are a parent, family member or caregiver looking after kids
  • are worried about a child or young person
  • are feeling unsafe in your home or relationship
  • are a young person looking for support with your kids
  • have a baby on the way
  • are worried about your thoughts and behaviour
  • need practical support like finding housing, food or financial help
  • need someone to talk to, or support for your family’s mental health and wellbeing concerns.
Last updated: 05 Jul 2021